Commercial Matters

Businesses aren’t the only ones engaging in commerce. Individuals often find themselves negotiating or dealing with an enterprise or, if the proper groundwork wasn’t laid, disputing with another individual or business. We counsel individuals in hopes of preventing future disputes but, if a dispute arises, we can provide cost-effective legal representation in litigation.

Property Insurance Claims

Homeowners pay thousands of dollars annually to insurance companies for one thing: protection when you need it most. When an insurance company doesn’t hold up its end of the deal, homeowners are forced to restore their homes without the financial assistance they thought they’d receive when filing an insurance claim. We represent homeowners in all phases of the insurance claims process: from post-loss compliance and examinations under oath through the trial of contested coverage disputes.

Real Estate

In addition to representing buyers, sellers, landlords, and tenants in a variety of real estate transactions, we have extensive experience in the litigation of real estate disputes. We have brought and defended foreclosure actions, actions for specific performance, evictions, and brokerage disputes. As a result of this experience, our clients receive sophisticated, practical and strategic advice and representation.

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